Just got back into Delhi tonight and it has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes me cringe every time I even get close to the city. The rest of India is so warm and the people so nice that Delhi pales in comparison, so much so that it rubs off on me. I can’t wait to leave again.

The ride from Dehradun to Delhi would have been exactly the same as the one from Delhi to Dehradun, except for my seat mate, who made the ride interesting. Here is a laundry list of what she did; tore the first few pages out of the magazine I was reading (front and back pages), squirted almost the entire box of juice I gave her over both of us, grabbed the food from the dinner that was served and spit it back into my hand, bit the eraser off the pencil I loaned her the minute my head was turned, not to mention the bites I now have all over, etc.

Yes, there was a kid sitting in back of me and after turning around to look at an absolutely adorable 18 month old I decided to play with her for a bit. Her parents on the other hand saw that as an opportunity to get up and put her down in the vacant seat next to me with a “here you go, have fun.” I forgot how much work little people are. The kid did not want to sit still and I forget that you don’t give kids sharp objects (till she almost poked MY eyes out with the pencil and pen I gave her). Overall the fastest 6 hours in a long time.

Now if only I can get seated next to a few tikes for the 17 hr flight home.