Hello my lover! It has been 10 years, I know, but I am back. Not for long, je suis desole, but all the same.


After a rather disappointing plane ride from New Delhi to Paris in l’affaires class on Air France (the food and entertainment left much to be desired) I am in Paris and I could not stop smiling. The “Sarkozy” tax to leave the airport was rather steep, but I bit the bullet and hopped on the metro to le centre de ville. I had planned to sit outside by the tour d’Eiffel and eat my long awaited crepe, instead I met a girl who was also living abroad and on a layover with the same mission. I was convinced to come to le Champs Elysees to spend my day. It was 6am when the plane touched down and I swear I thought that they were kidding when they announced that it was 12 degrees C outside. Quite chilly and overcast for August, et je suis un peu triste que je n’ai pas le sol avec moi ici. The metro ride was quick and painless and I am killing time en un café waiting for everything to open. On the metro to get into town I kept getting confused and tried to speak Hindi when I meant to speak in French. True to form for the most populated country in the world I received a response from the boy next to me in Hindi. I think having to speak in French last week was a good refresher and I remember much more than I previously thought. Give it a week or two et je vais parler le Francaise tout le temp sans aider.

The last time I was on le Champs Elysees I was living in Europe and missed ‘American’ food so much that I came here to eat some sub par Mexican food at a Chili’s. Cette fois non! I have already decided that today calories don’t count and had a croissant the size of my face stuffed with apricots and un café pour ma petit dejeuner.  dscn1599


I am also astonished that everything is so clean. I got quite accustomed to dodging the multitude of traps on the streets of Delhi and the filth that I could practically sleep here on the street (although I won’t, promise). I have a full 7 hours to kill and a limited budget since no money changing places are even open yet.

I walked around the small streets around the Champ Elysees for several hours. Every few blocks someone would ask me if I was lost. Maybe wanted to get lost, then again later on that day when I realized that I had miscalculated the time and had to sprint to the nearest metro I slightly regretted that decision. I guess I didn’t appreciate Paris before, not like now. Then again it could be because it was so dramatically different than New Delhi that it was refreshing and hence the love. I did get a crepe, not a good one though. You would not believe how hard it was to find a crepe in that area of town and when I finally did it was disappointing. It was at a pub and it was a reheated crepe and they didn’t have that many options for crepes, certainly not the chocolate banana one that I was craving.

dscn1603 dscn1605 dscn1595 dscn1602

It was while lost/meandering on a side street that I realized that my math was slightly off and my flight was going to leave in just over an hour. Go go gadget feet. I found A metro station, even if it wasn’t the one that I had hoped for and headed back to CDG in what felt like record time. I made it with just enough time to run to the presidents club for a snack and oh a few glasses of Champagne before the last leg of the flight. This one was much better as my movies worked, the food was amazing and the service wasn’t oh, je ne sais pas…. ‘French’ (i.e. they weren’t short with me for asking questions)!