So I left Croatia (non-EU) this morning on the way to Slovenia (EU as of 2004) and on the train we plopped down in the first cabin we got to. A few minutes later I noticed luggage above my head and not a minute later a guy who looked (and dressed) like either a hit man or like someone you just don’t mess with walked in. He immediately said to me, ‘you’re in my seat.’ I had no intention of moving and hadn’t really assessed the situation before retorting with, ‘nope, I want to sit next to the window.’ He replied that it was his seat and started to argue, then shut up. To mitigate the steam that seemed to be imminenting off this guy I tried to talk to him. He gave me his life story about his life in Serbia and told me he was on a “business trip” to Slovenia. It was a little fishy till customs boarded and kind of gave him a hard time with his Croatian passport.

Yep, a Croatian passport, I smell fish indeed.