With time as the major constraint we realized that we would not be able to see the symphony in Vienna and opted to go to the one on Ljubljana instead. The Slovenian National Philharmonic blew me away. From the building and atmosphere, to the quality of the music, the whole performance far surpassed my expectations. Sitting in the pit and watching the bows move in unison was incredible. In fact, I had not expected much of Slovenia and the whole city has far surpassed expectations. Like stated previously, it is glaringly obvious which countries have that EU membership and which are trying desperately to gain a place. I guess the same could be said of NATO, which Slovenia is also a member of.

Funny story though at the train station in Ljubljana. We tried to buy a bed on the Ljubljana to Vienna train fully realizing that there were two legs and that the first one was only an hour and a half and the second about 4 hours. The woman at the ticket counter told us no. Really? Despite Ben’s many attempts she refused to sell him a bed for only an hr.

Older woman: “What you want a bed for, es only von hour. It costs 23 euros. No good deal.”

Ben: “yes, I would like to pay 23 euros for one hour”

woman: “NO, you don’t do it. I say no.”

yet another night of no sleep….