and we did!

In order to get my dad to run with me last year, I challenged him to a half marathon, and we finally ran it together yesterday. It helped that his company sponsored it and basically saved him a spot since it sold out a few days after registration opened back in June. All in all it was a lot of fun and I didn’t start to get tired till mile 10 or so (basically what I was used to running). Unfortunately my knees seem to be what I inherited from my dad and although I wasn’t tired during the race, my knees started breaking down by the second or third mile. Albeit several aspirin, an ice bath and a massage later I was still wobbly post race.

It was a slightly emotional race. Yesterday was 6 months to the date that Jordan died and one of the last major things she did before she died was train for and run a marathon. I would love to run a marathon in memory of her on the 1 year anniversary. Anyone know of marathons happening June 2009?